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Berkshire County Fire

Mutual Aid  

Berkshire County is the western most area in the state of Massachusetts and is bordered by three Massachusetts counties and the states of Connecticut, Vermont, and New York. The county has a population of approximately 100,000 and has a land area of 1,500 square miles. The county fire service is comprised of 28 call and volunteer departments and two career departments. The fire coordinator for Berkshire County responds to any incidents involving 3 or more fire departments in the area. The coordinator views the global position of resources being utilized in the county and takes action to ensure that incidents do not leave any area of the county unprotected. The coordinator works with the Berkshire County Fire Chief's Association to facilitate mutual aid responses, strategic management and provide a vision for the future. There has been a significant change in demands placed upon the county's fire service in responding to mutual aid incidents. There have been a number of task force requests and long distance responses that were unheard of a few years ago. The Fire Coordinators has assistants listed below to aid in facilitating mutual aid and gathering and designating information.


Coordinator Information 

County Car - 1 Butch Garrity PO Box 32.  Lanesborough, MA  01237
County Car - 2 Ed McCormick
County Car - 3 Lance Beauchamp
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